Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Son of Cheese Audio Entries...

I've temporarily taken down some of the audio entries in anticipation of recutting them to not only make them more enjoyable, but way more "legal." So yes, there are way fewer than there used to be and YES the will be back. Thanks.

Pooper Scooter 2001

Big Ass Hotdog 2

The International Suck Institute

UrnBay dot com

Corpus Crispy Crematorium 3

Big Al's Pike's Peek Gentlemen's Club

the Jimmy Career Institute

Big Ass Hotdog

this next entry, taken out of context, can be confusing. It was done as a continuation, if you will, of a thought that Andy C. put up on his blog. I guess that one of his friends often asks the question "which would you rather fight with, a blackberry bush or a bamboo stick?" Seems odd, I know, but now you will better understand why I did what I did.
Blackberry Bush vs. Bamboo Stick

Frank's Kraut Juice

Pooper Scooter 2000

April Fool Prank Call

Rosary Ford

Trinity's Company

Wingity Ding Dong

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